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2nd Meeting of the Cybercrime Forum (Praia, Cabo Verde)

11 Apr 2019
Forum Cibercrime

Starting today, 11 April 2019, and lasting until the end of tomorrow, the 2nd meeting of the Fórum Cibercrime (Cybercrime Forum - the Forum of the Portuguese Speaking Prosecution Services), is being held in Cidade da Praia.

The Fórum Cibercrime is the informal meeting of specialists of the Portuguese-speaking Public Prosecution Services dedicated to combating cybercrime, aimed at exchanging experiences and good practices in the fight against cybercrime and in obtaining evidence in crimes in the digital environment. This Forum was created by the XIV Meeting of Prosecutors Generals’ of the CPLP (October 2016) and had its first meeting in Lisbon in February 2018. At present, the Coordination of the Forum is provided by Cybercrime Office within the Prosecutor General’s Office from Portugal.

This second meeting, today and tomorrow in Praia, is supported by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Cabo Verde and the Council of Europe.

Associated with the meeting, an international conference will be held on the topic of "Fight against Cybercrime - CPLP Public Prosecutions in the Global Context".

From this event, it is expected that the participants (mostly prosecutors from the CPLP countries) will be more aware of the cybercrime issue, thus implementing the capacity to better investigate such type of cases. It is also expected that this meeting leads to a better common knowledge on legislation on cybercrime and digital evidence in the Lusophone area, identifying possible gaps and discussing ways to overcome them. Finally, it is expected that the Lusophone States which have not yet acceded to the Budapest Convention will be made aware of this.

Attached, the  agenda.