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Workshop "Penal Processual Law: Challenges in the Digital Era"

30 Apr 2018

Emails, instant messages and other documents in electronic format. Currently, these are more and more common evidentiary elements, within criminal investigations.

With the purpose of facilitating discussion on obtaining digital evidence, the Procuradoria-Geral da República organises, next 25 of May, the workshop "Criminal Processual Law: Challenges in the Digital Era".

This initiative envisages to contribute to consolidate opinions and to standardize procedures, and also analysing the existing legal framework and to identify existing gaps and the need to improve the existing legal instruments.

The workshop is intended primarily for magistrates of the Prosecution Service, but it is also open to the entire legal community.

Participants must register (which is free, even if required and limited to availability of space). Registration by email, for cibercrime@pgr.pt.

Here, it can be found the provisional programme.