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Meeting of the Fórum Cibercrime

2 Jul 2021
Reunião do Fórum Cibercrime

The 3rd Meeting of the Fórum Cibercrime (Cybercrime Forum) – the network of Public Prosecutors of the CPLP, dedicated to the exchange of experiences and good practices in combating cybercrime and obtaining evidence in the digital environment, takes place today, via videoconference.

The general purpose of the Fórum Cibercrime is to raise awareness of cybercrime. Therefore, at these meetings, experiences and good practices are shared, in order to generate a better common knowledge about the legislation on cybercrime and obtaining digital evidence in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The Forum is coordinated by the Cybercrime Office of the Prosecutor General's Office of Portugal.

Attached is the meeting's agenda (only in portuguese)