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Notas Práticas Cibercrime

Practical Note No. 22/2021 of the Cybercrime Office, which complements the Practical Note 20/2020, of May 14, 2020, on the same theme.

Phishing - Cibercrime

A new “phishing” campaign was detected, which, using the images of the Tax Authority (Autoridade Tributária), EDP and CTT, allows its authors to illegally obtain data from the credit cards of the victims.


A new criminal campaign of extortion by e-mail, aimed at persuading victims to pay amounts of money, in bitcoins, under threat of publicly disclosing the said victims’ personal data, images or information, was detected.

Tu e a Internet - versão atualizada

The Prosecutor General's  Office is associated with initiatives that, on this day, intend to contribute to a responsible and informed use of the Internet, through the dissemination of the updated edition of the "...

Cibercrime em 2020 – denúncias recebidas

An information note is published in which the cybercrime complaints received by the Cybercrime Office, by email, during in the year 2020, are...

Reunião da CiberRede

A meeting of the contact points of CiberRede, the network of prosecutors specialized in cybercrime and digital evidence from Ibero-america, was held yesterday, 17 December. It took place in a virtual space, by video conference.

CiberRede / CiberRed - 18-09-2020

The note with the conclusions from the last CiberRede meeting, held by videoconference, on 18 September 2020, is released (the ...


An informative note from the Cybercrime Office is released on the evolution of cybercrime phenomena in Portugal, after the outbreak...