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Workshop “Direito Processual Penal: Desafios na Era Digital” e Reunião dos Pontos de Contacto Cibercrime

Where can emails be seized? Is it possible to develop covert operations within online investigations? What data retention rules should service providers aply?


Emails, instant messages and other documents in electronic format. Currently, these are more and more common evidentiary elements, within criminal investigations.


A meeting of the Fórum Cibercrime (Cybercrime Forum) is being held today, at the Prosecutor General's Office, in Lisbon.


The Prosecutor General's Office organizes an international conference on cybercrime, in Lisbon on 5 and 6 February.


A meeting of CiberRede/CiberRed, an Ibero-american network of public prosecutors specialized in cybercrime, is being held today at the Prosecutor General's Office in Lisboa.


As from now it is available the programme (only in Portuguese) of the workshop "Corruption: Investigation and Judgment", which the Prosecutor General'...


Following the analysis and gathering of information on the so-called "Blue Whale” game, and given the seriousness of the consequences, social repercussions and special sensitivity and complexity of the investigation, the Prosecutor General...


As from now it is available the report on the activity of the Cybercrime Office for the period September 2015 and December...