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A criminal campaign of extortion by e-mail, aimed at persuading victims to pay amounts of money, in bitcoins, under threat of publicly disclosing the said victims’ personal data, images or information, was detected.

Colóquio "Crianças e Crimes na Internet"

A launching workshop of the Action Plan "Children and Crimes on the Internet" will take place on 5 February 5 at the Prosecutor General’s, in Lisbon.

Phishing - Cibercrime

A criminal phishing campaign is under way for users of Netflix.

Phishing - Cibercrime

A criminal phishing campaign is under way for costumers of the bank Millenium BCP.

Delegação República Arménia

Representatives of the Prosecution Office of Armenia visited today the Prosecutor General’s Office and have been received at the Cybercrime Office.


Portugal regularly participates in the work of the T-CY Committee of the Council of Europe (Committee of the Cybercrime Convention). This has been the case since 2006.

Workshop “Direito Processual Penal: Desafios na Era Digital” e Reunião dos Pontos de Contacto Cibercrime

Where can emails be seized? Is it possible to develop covert operations within online investigations? What data retention rules should service providers aply?


Emails, instant messages and other documents in electronic format. Currently, these are more and more common evidentiary elements, within criminal investigations.